About Us

"Pravasi Mithra"Telugu Monthly Magazine provides the best information related to migration. We focus on Indian emigrants, particularly from Telangana & Andhra Pradesh States who are migrating to Gulf and Asian Countries. It is a professionally produced monthly newspaper, to be a platform that facilitates contacts and communication with Government agencies, services providers and the community groups.
The passionate periodical presents a wide range of articles in such categories as culture, history, people, lifestyle and news. It is a creative, comprehensive and dynamic magazine, which unites the international enthusiasts of Telugu People of its traditions and culture. We are working to strengthen the voice, participation and representation of migrants in the media in order to encourage a more balanced, well-informed and inclusive debate on migration. It captures the ambitions of migrants with regard to their role in the economy, their integration and their aspirations for the future. The paper is a series of voices from and about migrants.
PRAVASI MITHRA provides a platform for members from migrant communities, especially those whose voices are not usually heard, encourages and enables them to express their views on the issues affecting their lives. We believe that making your voice heard is an important step towards change, and that every individual has the ability to make positive changes in their own life and the community they live in.